Antec VSK3000E-U3 Computer Case – Mid-tower – Black – Steel – 6 x Bay –

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Antec VSK3000E-U3 Computer Case – Mid-tower – Black – Steel – 6 x Bay – 1 x 3.62″ x Fan(s) Installed – 0 – Mini ITX, Micro ATX Motherboard Supported – 9 lb – 2 x Fan(s) Supported – 2 x External 5.25″ Bay – 2 x Internal 3.5″ Bay – 1 x External 2.5″ Bay – 1 x Internal 2.5″ Bay – 4x Slot(s) – 2 x USB(s) – 1 x Audio In – 1 x Audio Out

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Affordable Builder-Friendly Case Building a system starts with buying a case, then comes the parts that goes into it, which the cost can add up very quickly. The VSK3000E-U3 is here to provide the basic platform to start building your very own system. It''s humble design and practical functionality contains the fundamentals for a performance chassis. The VSK line is designed to be a stepping stone for those who want to upgrade their system later on. Each chassis devotedly serves their purpose as a cost-effective, unforgettable part of your system building experience. Cooling and Functionality Thermally Advantaged Chassis (TAC) 2.0 compliant panel with Chassis Air Guide allows air to flow directly in the path of the CPU fan and heat sink. In addition, the stylish black front panel is now equipped with two USB 3.0 ports for fast data transfer rates up to 5 gbps, Audio In/Out jacks and other computing essentials. Construction Designed to last for multiple builds, the VSK3000E-U3 is constructed with durable, galvanized steel to ensure reliability while. The VSK3000E supports up to microATX motherboards, yet is large enough to accommodate a 12.5″ graphics card. If you''re looking for a simple, reliable case that won''t break the bank, the VSK3000E-U3 fits the bill.


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