Tripp Lite Universal RJ45 Plug Locks, Yellow, 10 Pack


Tripp Lite Universal RJ45 Plug Locks, Yellow, 10 Pack

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RJ45 Port Lock Helps Prevent Accidental Disconnection and Expensive Downtime Having a patch cable come loose accidentally can mean the loss of a network signal or a security breach that could lead to costly downtime. The N2LOCK-010-YW helps you avoid interruptions in your Gigabit Ethernet network or digital signage system by maintaining a secure link without failure. A locking RJ45 connection is also invaluable when moving equipment within a rack or removing equipment from tight areas, ensuring the cable always stays connected. This package includes 10 yellow RJ45 plug locks. Easy to Install or Remove in Just a Few Seconds This RJ45 lock secures a plug to most types of RJ45 jacks in a patch panel, wall plate or switch to prevent unauthorized removal of a patch cord or other compatible network equipment. Just remove the plastic latch on top of the plug using a cutting tool, slide the N2LOCK-010-YW onto the plug, and insert the newly affixed connector into the desired RJ45 jack. You''ll hear a click to confirm the connector has locked into place. To remove the cable, use the Tripp Lite N2LOCK-KEY-RD security key (sold separately). Color-Coded to Avoid Misidentification That Can Lead to a Costly Dropped Signal Yellow color-coding allows easy, fast identification in a crowded rack or patch panel and helps prevent the cable from becoming inadvertently removed. The lock''s compact design doesn''t interfere with adjacent RJ45 jacks, even in high-density applications. Typical Applications Prevent network cables from coming loose in your data center, retail store, government office, military base, school, financial institution or healthcare facility Secure RJ45 patch cables in a digital signage or security system to prevent a disconnection that could lead to costly downtime Lock connections in a home/office Gigabit Ethernet network to avoid having to access a loose cable in a hard-to-reach space


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