Tripp Lite T015-POE Cable/Network Tester – Cable Testing, PoE Testing, Device Testing, Device Detect


Tripp Lite T015-POE Cable/Network Tester – Cable Testing, PoE Testing, Device Testing, Device Detection, Continuity Testing, Power Level Testing, Loopback Testing – PoE Ports – 4 x Network (RJ-45) – Twisted Pair – Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet – 1000Base-T, 10GBase-T – 3Number of Batteries Supported – Battery Included

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Cable Tester Ensures Your Network and PoE Signals Function Properly Before Installation The T015-POE Network and PoE Tester consists of an emitter and a remote. Its functions include standard and non-standard PoE equipment detection, PoE power online test, network cable continuity test, DC power test and switch loopback test. It is a practical tool for technical personnel to use during installation and maintenance of security monitoring equipment, communications wiring, integrated wiring and other weak-current systems. Find Out What''s on the Line Before You Add More Devices Before connecting more PoE devices and other network equipment to your STP or UTP Cat5/Cat6 cabling, find out what else is connected and how much power is running through the cable. This tester will detect switches, VoIP phones, security cameras and other devices on the line. It will also detect PoE devices and tell you how much power is passing through them. Finding out the amount of power draw ahead of time can prevent you from overloading the cable by adding more devices.Features 3 Adjustable Test Modes: Continuity, Loop and Power Quickly validating whether a faulty PoE cable is the issue in a malfunctioning application can save you time, trouble and money, as can detecting a faulty cable before you install it. The T015-POE flips from sync testing (Continuity) to loop testing to power consumption testing. It displays an 8-pin-to-pin wire map and shield connection status to ensure mapping continuity and proper configuration. It is able to test voltage, current and power between the power adapter and the powered device.Easy to Store in Your Toolbox and Take to the Job Site This PoE signal tester consists of a main emitter unit and a removable remote identifier that are secured in a protective carrying case when not in use. The emitter is powered by three AAA batteries, which are included (the remote unit requires no supplied power). To test a cable that has already been installed, separate the two units and connect them to each end of the cable.


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