Sale! Security Tether Cables 20 Pack – Steel – Adjustable – Universal Cable and Adapter Tethe

$83.22 Security Tether Cables 20 Pack – Steel – Adjustable – Universal Cable and Adapter Tethers – Heat Shrink Covers (CONNLOCKPK20) – 20 Pack – Steel, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) – TAA Compliant – TAA Compliance

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Secure cables and dongle adapters in boardrooms, workstations and other areas to help prevent against costly theft or accidental loss. These steel security tether cables provide a measure of physical security, by letting you attach your cables and adapters to each other. Protect your Investment The 20-pack of universal cable tethers give you an easy and cost-effective way to minimize the need to constantly replace cables in lobbies, public areas, work and meeting areas. They provide a measure of anti-theft by securing your cables and adapters, while also keeping cables organized by making sure you always have the right adapter or cable in the right place. The Strength of Steel The cable and adapter tethers are made of a thin durable steel cable with a PVC coating, providing an effective theft deterrent. Fast and Easy Installation The flexible steel security cable is easy to wrap around your cables or adapters, and secure in place with the aluminum ferrules, using a standard crimping tool (not included). For versatile use, you can cut the 11.8″ (300 mm) cable tethers to length, using wire cutters (not included). The steel tether does not restrict the space requirements or usage of the cable or adapter. Attractive Design As an option, you can cover the aluminum ferrules with the black heat shrink tubing (included).


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