Sale! Accessory Kit for Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro – Micro HDMI to VGA – Micro HDMI to HDMI – USB 3.0

$83.35 Accessory Kit for Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro – Micro HDMI to VGA – Micro HDMI to HDMI – USB 3.0 Gb LAN – RoHS Compliance

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“Make your Yoga 3 Pro more versatile by adding the power and portability of this Yoga 3 Pro accessory kit. This bundle has been specifically tailored to equip your Yoga for wired network connectivity, and HDMI® and VGA video compatibility. Bridge your Micro HDMI port for increased compatibility That ultra-small Micro HDMI port lets your powerful Yoga 3 Pro have the portability and profile of a tablet. The only problem is, it''s hard to find a display that works with it. With this accessory kit you can ensure you''re ready to connect to any HDMI or VGA display, using each included A/V adapter. Now you can really maximize the versatility of your Yoga by ensuring that you can connect to virtually any monitor, projector or television. This added compatibility makes this accessory kit perfect when you''re traveling between boardrooms, home and remote offices, trade-shows, hotels and conference centers. Hard-wire your network connection Many secure offices only offer wired network connectivity, leaving your NIC-less Yoga 3 connecting to the Internet using an expensive 4G LTE cell phone network, which doesn''t have access to shared network files. The Yoga 3 Pro kit includes a reliable USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet adapter, which adds wired network support, ideal for BYOD hot-desking, or even creating a more portable dock solution to enhance your at-home workstation. Maximize portability Your Yoga 3 Pro is one of the most versatile and portable computers in the world. Don''t be tied down by accessories that require an external power adapter, or a bulky housing. Each device in this kit is meant to maintain that portability, and is built with components that don''t require external power, so they easily fit into your carrying case. Each item in the LENYMCHDVUGK is backed by its own warranty, ranging from 2 years to lifetime, with the added benefit of free lifetime technical support.” More from the Manufacturer


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