Sound Blaster G3 External Sound Box – External – USB Type C – 100 dB – 3 Byte 96 kHz Maximum Playbac


Sound Blaster G3 External Sound Box – External – USB Type C – 100 dB – 3 Byte 96 kHz Maximum Playback Sampling Rate – 3 Byte 96 kHz Maximum Recording Sampling Rate – 1 x Number of Microphone Ports – 1 x Number of Headphone Ports – 1 x Number of Digital Audio Coaxial Input

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SOUND BLASTER G3 Portable External Console Gaming USB-C DAC Amp for PlayStation® 4, Nintendo Switch™, PC, and Mac THIS IS IT. THE FIRST SOUND BLASTER MADE SPECIFICALLY FOR PLAYSTATION® 4 AND NINTENDO SWITCH™ USERS. If you were a PC user, it would be easy getting a DAC, amp, or sound card to satisfy your audio needs. But why isn''t it the same for console users? With 30 years of legacy and technical expertise in PC audio, we are venturing beyond the PC and into gaming consoles, and the Sound Blaster G3 is our answer. Designed to be a fuss-free, driverless audio upgrade for your gaming consoles, the G3 is meant to provide users with premium gaming features without having to break the bank. Making our first foray into gaming audio on consoles, we debut our latest GameVoice Mix for game and voice chat balance capability, a customizable EQ preset with custom-tuned Footsteps Enhancer, and on-the-fly audio adjustments without having to exit your game''s screen. If all you have ever known is the default audio on your consoles, try the G3. We''ll let its performance speak for itself. DESIGNED TO FIT YOUR NEEDS The Sound Blaster G3 is a highly versatile accessory that''s perfect for work and play. Because it is such a nifty product that''s packed with features for specific use, we''ve outlined the best features that allows the Sound Blaster G3 to improve your audio for your conference calls, or while gaming. Powered by USB-C. Perfect for PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac. An instant audio upgrade, the G3 is powered entirely via USB-C. This one dongle works directly across the different platforms that you own-PS4, Switch, PC, or even Mac. The best part? The setup doesn''t get more straightforward than how we''ve designed the G3 to be-no special software, and no drivers needed. And to enjoy USB audio, simply plug in the G3 to your devices, and it will work straight out of the box. For devices with the older USB-A port, we''ve provided a USB-C to USB-A converter. All that''s required is for you to plug the converter onto the G3, and plug it into the USB Type-A port to hear improved audio quality. Game Better. Chat Better. Win Battle. You have that pair of headphones. It''s your absolute favorite, but why do you need to fork out so much more in order to get access to that ONE feature you covet? The G3 debuts our latest GameVoice Mix, a gaming feature often found only in products that are priced at a premium. The G3''s GameVoice Mix gives you game audio / chat balance capabilities-all without having to let go of your existing headphones or hurting your wallet. Chatting with your team while gaming on PS4? Balance your game''s audio and teammates'' chat volume as you wish. Without leaving your game screen, our GameVoice Mix volume dial allows you to easily increase your voice chat volume during a raid to hear your team better, or decrease the chatter and amp up your gaming audio during a particularly climatic scene on your game-simply plug in the G3 via the USB-C and Optical / Line-in port to better your gameplay. One Hand. All Controls. Built with form and functionality in mind, the G3 provides direct access to the independent mic and volume controls on each side of the device. While you''re busy maneuvering in-game with one hand on the controller, you can make mic and volume adjustments instinctively on the other with just a single hand grip!


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