Precise ColorCptr and PostProc

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Precise ColorCptr and PostProc

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Datacolor SpyderX Photo Kit has everything you need in one convenient and cost-effective package to ensure precise color, depth and detail for all your photos from capture through post-production. Here’s what’s in the kit: SpyderX Elite calibrator to color calibrate monitors; aligns seamlessly with monitor upgrades for screen types, resolutions and gamuts; 64-bit ready . Spyder Checkr 24 to color correct your camera, lens and sensor combinations for more consistent, accurate color within a post-production workflow in Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and Hasselblad Phocus. Spyder Cube to set your exposure and white balance in RAW conversion, for accurate detail across shadow and highlight areas. Streamline your workflow for ensured image accuracy from the start and more efficient post-production.

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