LG IPS TV Signage for Business Use – 65″ LCD – 3840 x 2160 – LED – 400 Nit – 2160p – HDMI – USB – Se


LG IPS TV Signage for Business Use – 65″ LCD – 3840 x 2160 – LED – 400 Nit – 2160p – HDMI – USB – SerialEthernet – TAA Compliance


UHD Picture Quality with IPSWith the ultra HD resolution, the US340C series makes the color and details more vivid and realistic. The 4K Upscaler automatically upgrades FHD content to UHD quality through the upscaling process. Moreover, the US340C series can deliver intense colors with wide viewing angles with its IPS panel display.Compatibility with AV Control SystemsThe US340C series has been certified Crestron Connected®, proving that it has a higher level of compatibility with professional AV controls. This results in seamless integration and automated control, boosting business management efficiency.DPM (Display Power Management)Display Power Management (DPM) can be configured to be On only when there is a TV signal present to manage power more efficiently.Customizable ScreenThe US340C series allows for a greater variation of greeting messages to make customers feel more welcome and cared for. Also, if there is no input signal, it is possible to show the content preset by the user instead of the conventional No Signal message. USB Auto PlaybackUSB data cloning makes managing multiple displays more efficient for optimal operation. Instead of setting up each display one by one, data can be copied to a USB for one display, and then that data will be sent to the other displays through a USB plug-in.Time SchedulerCreate your own time scheduler of your TV. Once you set opening / closing hours and holidays, the TV will turn on / off according to work schedule.


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Weight 47 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 57.6 × 33.5 in


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