Bosch VideoJet 4000 Video Encoder – Video Encoder – TAA Compliance


Bosch VideoJet 4000 Video Encoder – Video Encoder – TAA Compliance

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VIDEOJET multi 4000 from Bosch is a 16-channel CCTV video encoder that offers top-of-the-line Video-over-IP performance for CCTV today. The VIDEOJET multi 4000 H.264 High Profile encoder delivers real-time H.264 compressed video over IPv4 and IPv6 networks. It provides Dual Streaming per camera with full frame rate at best quality. The unit supports PAL and NTSC sources and offers bidirectional audio communication in parallel to video. View the video on a PC using Bosch''s comprehensive video management system, with or without Bosch''s IntuiKey keyboard. Alternatively, use a Web browser. Bosch VideoSDK provides the means to integrate the encoder with other video management systems. With 16 channels in a rack-mountable 1HU form factor VIDEOJET multi 4000 offers the highest port density at this quality of video. Its 1 Gbps Ethernet interface allows to deliver IP video fast and with low delay.

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