Asus ROG Strix Go 2.4 – Stereo – Mini-phone, USB – Wired/Wireless – Bluetooth/RF – 32 Ohm – 10 Hz –


Asus ROG Strix Go 2.4 – Stereo – Mini-phone, USB – Wired/Wireless – Bluetooth/RF – 32 Ohm – 10 Hz – 40 kHz – Over-the-head – Binaural – Circumaural – 3.94 ft Cable – Bi-directional, Omni-directional, Noise Cancelling Microphone

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Game Wherever You Go ROG Strix Go 2.4 ditches Bluetooth to become the world''s first USB-C 2.4 GHz headset, enabling ultra-stable cordless connections for multi-platform on-the-go gaming. Enjoy lag-free audio on PC, PlayStation, Xbox or smart devices, and roam anywhere with a Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. Strix Go 2.4 is lightweight, charges fast and has a long-lasting battery for nonstop gaming sessions. It even boasts AI-powered noise-cancelling microphones for crystal-clear communications anywhere. Perfect Wireless Audio, Anywhere Bluetooth connections often impart distracting lag. That''s not a problem for ROG Strix Go 2.4 because it features USB-C 2.4 GHz RF technology with dual antennas for instant audio transmission – a combination that makes it the leading headset for mobile gaming* or handheld Nintendo Switch play. It''s also perfect for at-home console or PC gaming, with a range of up to 20 meters – freeing you to dash to the bathroom or kitchen without losing your connection! Extreme Lightweight Comfort At just 290 g, ROG Strix Go 2.4 is an exceptionally lightweight wireless gaming headset, giving unbeatable comfort that''s perfect for long gaming sessions. The foldable design is ideal for on-the-go gaming, making it a cinch to carry Strix Go 2.4 anywhere. AI-Powered Noise-Cancelling Microphone ROG Strix Go 2.4 is engineered with industry-leading, AI-powered noise-cancelling technology for crystal-clear in-game voice communication. The algorithm draws on a massive, deep-learning database to accurately identify and counteract environmental noises. The upshot is that everything from keyboard clatter to background human chatter is virtually eliminated – ensuring crystal-clear in-game voice communication with your teammates. This main boom mic is bidirectional, detachable, and certified by leading communication providers, including Discord and TeamSpeak. Hear the difference Passive Noise Cancellation Enviromental Noise Cancellation AI-Powered Noise Cancellation Hidden Microphone for On-the-Go Communication ROG Strix Go 2.4 also features a hidden integrated mic for convenient communications anywhere, no boom mic required. This discrete built-in mic is still powered by the AI-powered noise-cancellation technology, so you''ll enjoy fantastically clear communications on the go. True-to-Life Gaming Audio Exclusive ASUS Essence driver and airtight-chamber design Exclusive airtight chambers and 40 mm ASUS Essence drivers deliver incredibly rich, pure sound with optimized deep bass for immersive audio experiences. Fast Charging and Long Battery Life Fast charge for just 15 minutes for up to three hours of play, or juice up all the way for up to 25 hours of battery life for nonstop gaming, from morning through night.


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