Location: 863 Gazley circle, Milton On L9T6L6
Phone: 289 429 5227

About Us

Zedden IT & Consultancy Services was founded in 2012 with the vision of being a preferred partner for your IT needs. We have consulted with some of the best corporate entities globally and shared our expertise in sourcing not just the right product but also the acquisition of the right talent to enhance our clients business and operations.

We are constantly evolving and changing to ensure that the end user gets the best possible service at the best possible value. With quick turnaround times we have a strong presence in the home security & Surveillance being authorized distributors for brands such as Lorex and Backstreet security to name a few.

We have furthermore fostered strategic partnerships with V-media to allow us to competently be a  provider for Internet, Tv and home phone services which in today’s day an age are a necessity and not a luxury.

We  can be reached at 289 429 5227 between the hours of 9:00 am est to 5:00 pm EST monday to Friday or via email at [email protected] all corporate inquires can be directed to Mr. Carl Zuzart at [email protected]