About the Business


We provide you with end to end IT solutions. We cater to both individual as well as corporate clients. Our goal is to provide you with the most competitive prices in order to help you save money. We undertake repairs of notebooks and desktop pcs. We build custom computers as well. Some of our most popular products are televisions, smartphones, laptops,desktop pcs, notebooks, UPS systems, and drones. We also have great internet, tv and home phone options. If you didn’t buy it from us you probably paid too much.


Zedden IT originated in 2010 with the sole intention of providing consumers with affordable services without compromising on quality. Over the years our vision has not changed ans resulted in the development of our e-commerce platform zeddenit.com

Our strategic partnership with a premier ISP has also allowed us to present consumers with affordable internet, TV and home phone options.

Meet the Business Owner

Carl has been forthright in expressing his views both on social media and other platforms on how un-affordable technology has become. His vision is to make technology affordable again and his punch line “if you didn’t buy it from us you probably paid too much” has been the driving factor that wakes him up everyday.